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Join Jacque Moodley (Art Director) and Ryan Whyte (Graphic Designer) as they delve into the world of advertising with guests from creative industries.

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Jacque and Ryan breakdown advertising portrayals in movies and series.

“Eat, sleep, breathe advertising.”

This was the phrase written on our advertising lecturer’s wall.

If by eat they mean, ‘eat pizza for dinner at the agency for the third time this week, whilst working on a pitch’, if by sleep they mean, ‘sleep your way to the top with as many co-workers as possible’ and if by breathe they mean, ‘breathe as much cigarette smoke as possible, to combat the stress of the deadline’ — well then of course, eat, sleep, breathe advertising.

The only thing missing from the list is bleed.


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Round-up of our favourite tracks from May 2021.
Round-up of our favourite tracks from June 2021.


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