Bleed. Vampires, Surgeons, and Kickboxers.


Advertising has a perception of glamour.  Agency parties, the rush of the pitch, the brewing of the fair-trade, sustainable coffee, brainstorming rooms and ball pits. 

Most people think that advertising peeps are spending half the day doodling and conceptualising in think-pods, and the other half of the day schmoozing clients over cappuccinos. We’re also spending all night working at the agency or what little free time we have at the latest pop-up gin bar, mainly doing coke off a Portaloo seat. 

Bleed is a show about advertising and more,

As with all things advertising, it starts with a brief.

The brief is simple: Create a platform for the discussion of all things advertising and most importantly, have fun in the process. 

This is not, in fact, about vampires, surgical procedures, or kickboxing.

Bleed is an ad term used in print production; it’s the portion of the design that extends past the trim size. Bleed is cut off when the publication is trimmed to the final size to ensure that when the printed artwork is cut, there is no trace of the paper edge.

Our first-year art direction lecturer had the phrase “eat, sleep, breathe advertising” handwritten in chalk on the wall. He should’ve added “bleed” at the end, that would’ve been more accurate. Whether we are strategists, creative directors, account managers, or DTP artists, we bleed. We bleed for our clients, for deadlines and awards. 

We’re interested first and foremost in creativity which spans many disciplines within the industry. Creativity also extends to other industries, law, science, accounting, medicine and engineering are all creative industries.

We believe that creativity is the ability to come up with unusual solutions or make unexpected connections in surprising ways.

We don’t think its being able to draw, write, sing or dance – these are merely expressions of creativity

It’s also not about having crazy haircuts, or eating kale, or using the latest lingo, or being quirky or odd. While these might be signals or pieces of non-verbal communication to be perceived as creative, but may also be smokescreens.

Thanks for reading – enjoy the show, after all, you’re here and it’s free*.

*Nothing is free.

Check out the YouTube channel for more episodes of bleed.

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One thought on “Bleed. Vampires, Surgeons, and Kickboxers.

  1. Thank you for this Ryno – “Those might be signals or pieces of non-verbal communication that one wants to be perceived as creative, but those also might be smokescreens.” I agree with this on every level!

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