The Don and Only


Some say that Dana The Don got her nickname from Don Corleone himself. Dana is such a boss that Don Vito Corleone transcended fiction and became a real person just to bestow this honourable title to Dana. That’s just how much of a Don Dana is.   

We had the one and only Dana Jacob on our show, and what a treat. I mean, how do you cram so much talent into one person? 

The show is so jam-packed that we’ve spread it over two parts. Not that we are complaining! The more we can bleed our guests of their experiences, the better! 💉

Dana brings nothing but enthusiasm, excellence, and professionalism. We’d been working with The Don on another project, so this came as no surprise. Have a look at some of Dana’s work  here and hit up @thedon_andonly with a follow on Instagram.

Also, watch the two-part episode of bleed, featuring Dana on our YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading as always. Stay tuned for more guests and hopefully a reappearance of Dana the Don Jacob.


Under the production of “Baby, i love you Films”, owned by Dana Jacob, a group of young and talented filmmakers from Jozi, South Africa entered the Second Edition Louis Vuitton Journeys Awards 2012.

Some of Dana’s Work:

Devil Boys | Veronika | Dance | Jelly Tots

Get in touch with Dana:

Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

Dana Jacob, Jacque Moodley, and Ryan Whyte unpack the reasons why they decided to pursue a career in advertising.

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