Kholisile Zwane


Kholisile, Kholster, Khols, and Mr. Zwane was once described as, “The craziest, most laziest guy I have ever met”.

I beg to differ on the laziest part, Kholi is a man go Gets Involved with capital letters. He’s a full blown llustrator / Graphic Designer / UX Designer / Art Director Slashie.

Any and everything creative is in his arsenal – photography, film, fashion, illustration, and animation. As far as the crazy side goes, he’s definitely supes off the charts on the crazy | talented scale. Always keen to collaborate, (except on a Monday), Kholi doesn’t wait for permission, but rather takes things on and builds the airplane mid-flight.

He’s a tech enthusiast who has it covered on the latest gadgets, However, and inconveniently, he admits that collaborating on projects and other creative pursuits often take him away from the gaming controller 🎮.

Follow this multi-disciplined designer on Instagram @kholisile, to see why he neglects his PS4.

To see some of his illustrations, check out the beautiful colouring book, Colour Me Melanin. If you want to see what people who suck at maths decide to study, watch Kholi’s episode of bleed on our YouTube channel.

Illustration from the colouring book, Colour Me Melanin.
Jacque Moodley, Ryan Whyte, and, Kholisile Zwane discuss corporate versus agency, and what they don’t teach you at Art School.

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