Rekso Le Hond


Kyle Baillie is a talented young Art Director &Graphic Designer, working his way up the ranks in the agency world, carving a career for himself in advertising.

Kyle’s alter ego | alias Rekso Le Hond, is still a talented Art Director &Graphic Designer, but now also an established Illustrator, and graffiti and tattoo artist.

As cliched as it may sound for a graffiti artist to be an enthusiastic skater, Kyle has set the bar for it.

When he’s not skating he’s conjuring up new illustrations with his cats, Nacho, and Waffles by his side 🐈.

When he isn’t illustrating, you’ll definitely find him helping his girlfriend, Toniquinne film TikTok videos (judgingly).

We want to tell you how amazing Rekso’s artwork is but we believe it speaks for itself, so follow him @rekso_le_hond on Instagram, or check out his Behance portfolio.

If you want to discover the hilarity in getting strange client requests like,

“Can you storyboard the radio ad?”,

watch Rekso’s episode on our YouTube channel.

For illustration and graffiti commissions, slide into his Instagram DMs.

Zombie queen. Prints available through @curbsideprints
Jacque Moodley and Ryan Whyte are in conversation with Rekso Le Hond. Rekso is an Illustrator, Tattoo Artist, Graffiti Artist, and an Art Director/Graphic Designer. In this episode, we discuss how Rekso first started up in the graffiti and tattoo world, reminisce about the good old days in advertising, and talk about the inner workings of modern ad agencies.

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