Victor Jacobs is a modern Renaissance Man.


Inspired by the arts, Blockbusters and dinosaurs, he is a visual content creator par excellence. He does the full enchilada from design, illustration and animation, across 3D sculpting or 2D motion design,
Victor is versed in all things graphic*. This passion for creativity and visual expression comes from his love for film and special effects. His curiosity of the animatronics seen in Steven Spielberg’s 🦖 Jurassic Park took him on a path of learning about how visual effects. This subsequently drove him towards a career in design.

*We’re not sure about the term graphic content but we’ll leave it in if you need a childish snicker.

In true Renaissance style, Victor  also has a fervency for technology and began his career in computer engineering and programming.
Cue another trip to the movies to see The Matrix, and he decided to marry his interests and moved into digital marketing, A realm where he could combine, flex and practice both disciplines.
Victor is an AR and VR enthusiast. When he is not Digitally Creatively Directing you’ll likely find him plugged in. Into the Matrix with his VR headset, sculpting in 3D, watching movies in a VR cinema, or  just replying to mails. Modern Renaissance Men need to email too. 
If you want to get his attention, nudge him gently because sometimes the line between virtual reality and reality is ever so thin.

Follow Victor @design_socialist on Instagram, and if you want to see how awkward it is climbing in VR, watch Victor’s episode on our YouTube channel.

3D illustration – pushing metal in different ways.
Jacque Moodley and Ryan Whyte catch up with Victor Jacobs. Victor is a Motion Designer, Graphic Designer, and Digital Creative Director. Some of the topics we sink our teeth into are Hollywood special effects, animatronics in movies, and the impending VR and AR revolution.

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