Toni Becker, Triple Threat Recovery Icon. 


Recovery is not limited, or exclusive to a substance dependancy, Toni Becker is testimony to that. By her nature, triangular, she is multi-faceted and a total badass. 

Toni Becker (also known as Toniquinne) /  AKA  Toni Triangle is, if the gurus (and the interwebs) are to be believed,  the epitome of strength. Combining essence, enjoyment and transformation into the all-powerful shape of her life.  

The one side is Working Toni,  content writer, digital strategist and PR specialist. Another side represents Recovery Toni, who, by her own admission, not only studied, but created Drama in her twenties. 

Lastly, and most importantly, the third side is the Now Toni. A fully paid up, card carrying member of the present and delightful sister, daughter and friend.

The strongest angle of the Triangle Toni that has combined her experiences and challenges both in her working, personal and physical life and emerged a person that can share the joy, strife and growth of her past and present life, in a fun, authentic and meaningful way. 🌹

Currently studying to become one badass, recovery icon, addiction counsellor, Toni has the time and energy of the three people in her triangle combined. 

When she’s not coming up with irony-fuelled recovery TikTok memes (assisted by, in her words – long-suffering –  boyfriend Rekso Le Hond) and  two cats, Nacho and Waffles, she’s keeping Netflix’s lights on with her murder mystery, conspiracy theory documentary and RuPaul’s Drag Race bingeing. We assume she finds time to eat and sleep, but we’re not convinced. 

We would be remiss to not mention her outstanding social media accounts that make us look like the amateurs we are so: follow Toni @toniquinne on Instagram, subscribe to her recovery channel, The Truth Hurts on YouTube, and watch her bleed episode on our YouTube channel  – that last one is for us because we need the like | subscribes and there’s nothing quite like riding on the coat tails of genius. 

Toni reviews the portrayal of addiction in movies and series.
Jacque Moodley, Ryan Whyte, and Toni Becker discuss what creative outlets they were most interested in growing up and how those activities lead them to where they are today. Some of the topics that cropped up in the process include drama, drama creation, addiction, recovery, and TikTok.

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