Alexandra the Great



No, not like the ancient greek king of Macedon but commands the same amount of respect as Alexander but without all the violence. She absolutely loves nature and animals – so very much the opposite of Alexander. One thing we can agree on is that she is grrrrreat (cue Tony the Tiger).

Alex Hope-Bailie is a through the line Producer, Stylist, Wanderluster, and
a budding Horticulturist. We caught up with her over a video call and discussed
everything from early creative influences to what it’s like working at a modern
ad agency.

Alex is seriously into art, fashion, and music, and is also a
classically-trained and operatically-trained singer. Nowadays Alex has a vision
of making the world a greener place, working and traveling abroad, and also
collaborating on various projects ranging from sustainable fashion to
eco-technology. ♻️

Alex is the most organised person we know, the person you can always rely
on, and someone who can connect you with someone, or people you never knew you needed to know.. Follow Alex on Instagram @ahopebailie
to satisfy all your travel, food, art, fashion, and inspiration needs. Also, if
you want to pleasure your shelf, watch Alex’s episode of bleed on our YouTube.

Alex’s picks:

How Covid-19 has influenced our living spaces:

Beko: The Age of Nesting

A cause to uphold maritime law:

The M.V. Louise Michel

The ultimate style blog:

SF Girl

Environmental restoration:

Footprint Coalition

Alex Hope-Bailie, Jacque Moodley, and Ryan Whyte discuss their creative influences growing up, how they got into advertising, and what their first impressions of the industry were.

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