New Deadline. Who dis?

There are three types of deadlines.

  1. The deadline
  2. The extended deadline
  3. And the AFL drop dead deadline

What even is agency life if you don’t completely ignore the first one, watch the second one whizzing by, and blame the screech to the finish line on the media buyer who had absolutely no place booking a zillionty trillionty ZARS of airplay without seeing the finished artwork first.

Also, now everything needs to be resized, and you’re working on another deadline so we’ll need to find a freelancer.

Deadline one is a minor inconvenience for the creative team, simply because, Chase.

It usually prompts a wildly ambitious, highly creative keynote presentation which bears no resemblance to the direction given in the brief, or indeed to what the finished artwork / TVC  will look like.

The extended deadline is marginally less annoying because of the associate smugness in having proved that the initial deadline was, in fact,  unreasonable. The AFL is when the shit hits the fan and If anyone is going to be driven over by a pantechnicon, it ain’t going to be you.

The misery of the all-nighter fades into insignificance when you do deliver after having gently nudged either Traffic or Accounts under the bus, been seen to have be rushing to the printers at 1am – ensure this is done on Agency Uber – rolling up your sleeves and vaping heavily like a bad photo library image and barking ‘Buy, Sell, no I said Buy’ into the bottom of your iPhone because only losers hold them to their ears.

I made that bit up, but the gist is there.

Like these (wait, this is too much fun and I have a deadline)

Consequently, you save the day, get a raise, take some mental health duvet leave and remain the god that you are.

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