Timing Plans and the De-Mystifying of Creativity

A Case Study:
Consider this, If there is an emergency and someone needs urgent medical attention, there is a specific timeline for treating the situation according to the details of the incident, yes?

Similarly If you’re a firefighter called upon when there is a fire or if a kitten needs rescuing, also a time sensitive emergency, yes?

If a cop is chasing a robber, common wisdom would indicate that the success of this too would be time dependant.

Catching flights, arriving at work, drinking your latte at the perfect temperature, equally importantly, equally have a timespan.
So why in – let’s use advertising as a completely random example- is there such a sense of urgency placed on timing?


Creativity takes time, so why the pressure? Why exactly does this campaign and the delivery thereof constitute an emergency?

As part of our ongoing pursuit of debunking the glamour and the mystery surrounding agency life, here are a couple of buckets of cold sick to wash down.

Advertising exists for the sole purpose to sell. We are smouses, We are but one cog in the OG four ‘P’s, somewhere between PR and door-to-door sales. 

Without sales our clients have no money, without money they can’t afford advertising,  without advertising we have no jobs And no amount of Suberbalist vouchers are going to assist us in flexing  our sneaker wardrobe unless we’re still being paid those medium-sized bucks.

Ironically most large corporates can the marketing departments first when sales are tanking. When ideally they should be best supported to drive sales. But that’s another whinge for another post. 

When is the ideal time to penetrate a market? When is the perfect occasion to target a consumer? When is the best opportunity to serve an ad? At what lengths are we willing to go?

The answer to when and to what measure is simple. At any possible time and at any possible length. We will expose you to advertising from the moment you’re born until you’re shuffling around in god’s waiting room.

There is a product or solution for every occasion, stage of life, and level of consciousness. We will market to you when you’re on the loo, on the job, or on holiday. Once we’ve penetrated your cells- and we won’t rest until every hyper-niched segment has been unearthed – we’ll create a new paradigm to make all other niches irrelevant. Rinse and repeat.

So while trying to retain the balance between ‘it’s not heart surgery’ and ‘oh my god I’m going to die poor’, tuck this nugget into your arsenal, kyk maar Noord and vok maar voord. (which roughly translates as “Look but North and fuck but forth.”) And remember, you’re only as smart as your ability to ignore the ‘shop now’ clickbait. 

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