Timing Plans and the De-Mystifying of Creativity

A Case Study:Consider this, If there is an emergency and someone needs urgent medical attention, there is a specific timeline for treating the situation according to the details of the incident, yes? Similarly If you’re a firefighter called upon when there is a fire or if a kitten needs rescuing, also a time sensitive emergency,Continue reading “Timing Plans and the De-Mystifying of Creativity”

Alexandra the Great

Alex Hope-Bailie is a through the line Producer, Stylist, Wanderluster, and a budding Horticulturist. We caught up with her over a video call and discussed everything from early creative influences to what it’s like working at a modern ad agency.
Alex is seriously into art, fashion, and music, and is also a classically-trained and operatically-trained singer. Nowadays Alex has a vision of making the world a greener place, working and traveling abroad, and also collaborating on various projects ranging from sustainable fashion to eco-technology. ♻️
Alex is the most organised person we know, the person you can always rely on, and someone who can connect you with someone, or something that you never knew you needed. Follow Alex on Instagram @ahopebailie to satisfy all your travel, food, art, fashion, and inspiration needs. Also, if you want to pleasure your shelf, watch Alex’s episode of bleed on our YouTube. channel.